Getting back your deposit? 

Is your landlord unwilling to return the deposit that you paid on unreasonable grounds? Our legal team will help you on no cure no pay basis, even if you are not in The Netherlands anymore

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Getting your deposit back

Your lease ended and you left the house. Your landlord is not returning your deposit. Unfortunately this happens quite often. In most cases the grounds for holding back the deposit are faulty: only under strict rules your landlord is able to keep your deposit. 

Our team of legal experts can help you on a no cure no pay basis getting back your deposit. Even if you moved (back) abroad. 

No succes, no costs

We only charge our 20% succes fee when we successfully help you retrieve your deposit. 

In the case we don’t succeed; you don’t pay anything. 

We work on no cure no pay basis.

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Our service

  • Directly check your rights
  • Within 24 hours legal assistance
  • All legal actions won
  • No administrative costs
  • No cure no pay
  • Always accessible for updates and questions
  • Even if you already moved abroad

About Borgterug

If your landlord does not pay voluntary after our last formal notice we will go to court. No worries, you don’t have to do anything! We will arrange everything from drafting the subpoena to going to court. 

With the verdict of the court you will get your deposit back from your landlord.

Deposits on average between 500 and 1500 euro

320 renters helped

Against small and big landlords

Years of experience in handling deposit-cases

Borgterug’s service


Legal check

Drafting letters

Experienced legal team

Land-register check

We can help you even you moved out of the Netherlands

Court proceedings

Until 5 years after ending your lease


Accessible for questions

No cure, no pay

Our legal experts work on a no cure no pay basis, check your rights today and see if you can get back your deposit.